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THEORY OF THE 3 TIMES: Present, Past and Future

Teoria do Tempo.jpg

In an Apometria meeting of our group held at the Spiritist Sanatorium in Brasilia, on March 15, 2004, our group companion Inês Maia, made this engraving that we understand to be a representation of the 3 times: present, past and future and still its interconnection. We were unable to understand anything else until the beginning of September 2008, when Keula and I were doing a Apometria work, one of those programmed between me and her (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning) the intuition came to me that this engraving that now we chose for the cover of the book, it was, in fact, a 3-TIME ACCELERATOR, which would allow the integration and work of everything that had happened in that space of time. Not only did it accelerate time, but it also accelerated and enhanced our Circus Technique, reducing its application time and increasing its range. In this way, in a single moment, we can add the benefits of the three techniques that we could classify as an Atomic and Subatomic Particle Accelerator.


As the acceleration processes are activated by the Crank Technique, all the Circus Technique that is condensed in the crank mechanism, is spread in the Universe where it will capture and bring for treatment our past lives or remnants of any that have not yet been found. and that by the force of attraction now exerted will be inexorably brought by the acting forces: desire for change, force of love, persistence and consolidating everything the faith.

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