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The Apometry of Love Treatment, in Phase I, consists  of 8 treatment rooms which, together,  form the 1st Stage, where the problems of obsession, black magic, depression, astral hell, etc. are dealt with, as well as the preparation for you to enter Phase II when more complex issues involving our Eternal Spirit will be dealt with

There are 8 treatment and study rooms, lasting approximately 30 minutes, all with different needs and complexities.

Participants must pass all 8 rooms and 12 times, in each of the rooms, as follows.

1) you can choose which room you will enter, including entering more than one room a day, being able to vary the rooms, theyour tetime and time;

2) Rádio Apometria do Amor – 3 months of participation in the Radio, replacing the rooms, except for the Cura da Alma room, Catharse dos Encalacrados and Reiki do Amor.

3)  As soon as you are withComplete the Treatment, to enter the next Phase, you must signal us through the Chat on the site. 

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