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I had a busy life, I worked and traveled a lot, I was agitated, which led me to use an antidepressant. From then on I began to live in the greatest happiness, even my children and my wife did not miss the so-called happiness pill.

I took it for about six months, stopped for one or two years, took it again, and so on. The events of my day to day were making me more agitated and I went back on the antidepressant. Some time later my therapist referred me to Kawa Kawa (natural antidepressant) and Bach Flower Remedies. Months later, I returned to the previous antidepressant, I started to feel small tremors in my hands and I realized that the condition was getting worse, as the medication was no longer effective.

Hand tremors increased, I lost control of my movements, my whole body was shaking. All this, combined with a weakness. I went back to taking the antidepressant like a “calm down lion”, just to be calmer, because my business activities exhausted me and made me irritable. It was, it was, until I reached my physical, mental and emotional limit.

I looked for refuge in Praia da Pipa, close to Natal/RN and stayed there for 40 days and nothing got better, I kept getting worse, my energy was draining away. One day, walking on the beach, afraid of the sea, I allowed myself to get wet only up to my ankles. And a little wave knocked me over. I SAW A HUGE HOLE WHERE I FELL AND THE WATER COVERED ME ALL OVER, the sand opened up and everything seemed to swallow me. THESE WERE MOMENTS OF TERROR, my wife saved me! She gave me her hand, I got up and we went to the Hotel.

I then reached rock bottom, my business was in crisis and I thought about interning myself, because I couldn't continue like that. I underwent therapy in the city where the therapist said he would only accept me as a patient if I took the medicine, which I accepted. I went through daily therapies for about 20 days, using acupuncture, massages, playing with colors, etc., and finally I started my journey back to life.

In this period that I was recovering slowly, I finished reading the book ESPÍRITO E MATÉRIA – Novos Horizontes para Medicina, by Dr. José Lacerda de Azevedo who had been recommended to me by my friend Francisco Passos. When I finished reading the book I saw that there was my solution. I went back to Brasilia and went looking for the friend who had given me the book and told him that I wanted to go to Porto Alegre for that treatment. He told me that the doctor had died 3 years ago, but that in Santa Catarina (Lages) there was a person who was a follower of that doctor, who was giving a course on the subject addressed in the book and invited me to go. I accepted immediately and we stayed for fifteen days in Lages, treating myself and studying the subject. In the end, DONE, I RETURNED ANOTHER PERSON AND ALL THAT CRISIS IS OVER. Now, I help others to seek and find the same path that I found.


FAIÇAL BARACAT. President of Instituto Apometria do Amor, Brazilian, legally separated, lawyer, born in Castilho, São Paulo, born on 06.03.47, son of Faiad Baracat and Maria de Souza Baracat, resident and domiciled in the city of Ubajara, Ceará.


Contacts: phone: cell:55 61- 984246546


Volunteer Activity: Since 2001, I have been leading spiritualist groups that help others.

Social Networks: I am active in social networks with: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel 

Professional and Projects: For almost 30 years I worked with companies across the country, mainly with professional associations (Commercial Association; CDL, Federations, Confederations, Unions, etc.) in the Tax Planning area.


Artistic activities: writer with a book in press. Course Instructor: since 2015 I have been teaching Apometrics courses in Brazil and abroad.


a) I developed, through channelling, a therapeutic model that I called RECONSTRUCTION OF THE BEING that brings back the happiness of living. It is the Rebirth of the individual through his Spiritual Liberation.

b) I created an audio of an Apometria that I called Auto Apometria and that today helps people in all continents, free of charge.

c) In 2020, when the pandemic hit us and the Religious Houses were closed, Bernadete and I, who had taken refuge in a fishing community in the city of Beberibe, Ceará, started a form of online service for people I was in contact with . The Service Model has grown so much that it has taken shape and life, and today it is our main activity, where we serve approximately 3,000 people weekly online with our RECONSTRUCTION DO SER PROGRAM.

Other activities: elaboration of Bills in the Federal Senate and in the Federal Chamber.

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