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Theory, Practice and Treatment

More than a Healing tool, Apometria do Amor,

comes to help, not only in the Awakening of the Being for its real

condition in the Whole, as in work

continuation of its movement upward

as the Eternal Spirit.

Embark on this Expansion of Consciousness...


Only those who have been from heaven to hell can understand human nature


THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SER PROGRAM is the complete treatment of the Apometry of Love and is composed of 3 Modules: Module A, Module B and Module C.

Along this route, the individual goes through a journey of rediscovery of himself, stripping himself of beliefs, habits and ills, fully healing himself (the physical body and the six subtle bodies), accelerating the expansion of consciousness, strengthening the connection with the spirituality of light and their acceptance of the spiritual path as opposed to material issues, which contributes to the expansion of sensory perception and spiritual ascension. This is a necessary trajectory to vibrate in other dimensions, to harmonize the relationships between their selves and beings with whom they have had conflicting coexistence, to change concepts and to increase and promote the liberation of the embodied consciousness so that it can vibrate and live in higher dimensions, where it reigns just pure LOVE relationships.



Module A is composed of Phases I, II, III and IV.

PHASE I – This Phase is made up of 8 cleaning treatment rooms. In this phase, we remove and take care of the obsessors so that their problem, whatever it may be, is found and treated. The 8 rooms enclose a complex for the primary treatment of your Being, as the action of the obsessors causes damage to our body: illnesses, conflicts, difficulties of various kinds.


PHASE II– This Phase is made up of 6 cleaning treatment rooms. In this phase, the secondary and deeper causes that afflict the Being are worked on (the devices implanted in the seven bodies, from the physical to the subtle bodies). It removes and takes care of the entities that today shape our personality, which makes our profound change possible, the long-awaited “intimate makeover”.


PHASE III – This Phase is made up of 6 cleaning treatment rooms. In this stage we will enter the area of SPIRITUAL SURGERIES to reconstitute the structure and function of the systems, organs and glands of the damage caused by the implants and their consequences, as well as the REORGANIZATION OF DNA AND THE FIVE SENSES to adjust the body for its systems, organs and glands and the 5 senses to vibrate in higher dimensions expanding consciousness.


PHASE IV – This Phase consists of 2 cleaning treatment rooms. At this stage, we are allowed to access times of our Monad that we have not even dreamed of penetrating into these regions. They are prisons in the abyss of the depths and we must go there to rescue them.

Their dramas, their hardships, their groans, by affinity, resonate with us today. They are particles of our Monad, but they are not linked to us in today's incarnation, that is, they did not become our entangled ones.



Module B is composed of Phases V and VI, which will be the beginning of treatments for diseases that affect old age, the so-called degenerative diseases, such as: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, Diabetes, Dementia, Arteriosclerosis, etc.

RECONSTRUCTION OF SUBTLE BODIES: this module will address the transformation process of people as a result of having gone through the treatment of their six subtle bodies and the physical body.

DEEP SPIRITUAL SURGERY: reconstitutes structural and functional damage to systems, organs and glands caused by implants and all the organic disorders they promote.

DNA REORGANIZATION: adjusts the body through its systems, organs, glands and the five senses to vibrate in higher dimensions, expanding consciousness.

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