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Our story

                           A DREAM COME TRUE
Although  it exists in my dreams and daydreams, legally the Instituto Apometria do Amor was born on November 10, 2020, in Fortaleza, Ceará when, gathered at the house of Maria Bernadete de Assunção Barbosa, Faiçal de Souza Kizahy Baracat and Faiçal de Souza Kizahy Baracat and as vice-president Joana Mara Mesquita de Farias, we were also honored to have Dr. Regina Maura Mesquita as a lawyer. The Institute was legally born in Fortaleza because of the pandemic that was hitting the world, however, the city of Ubajara was already our project (by the way, my mentor’s project, 1st Angel). On December 15, 2022, we legally transferred the Institute to Serra Grande, Serra da Ibiapaba, city of Ubajara, where we will materially build what already exists in the Astral Plane, the Instituto Apometria do Amor. 



We have an ideal and we are turning it into reality. We are in a mountainous region of Ceará, Serra de Ibiapaba, where the Ubajara National Park is located, at an altitude above 900 meters above sea level and there, on a farm, we will build a complex of spiritual activities with the objective of bringing spiritual and scientific knowledge closer together, in the search for cure of degenerative diseases and diseases of old age that plague humanity, making this stage of life undesirable.


of the Institute

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