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It is an ideal, a project.

We have an ideal and we are turning it into reality. we are in one
mountainous region of Ceará, Serra de Ibiapaba, where the National Park of
Ubajara, at an altitude above 900 meters above sea level and there, in a
farm, where, one day, with the help of all of you, we will build a complex
of spiritual activities with the aim of bringing knowledge closer
from spiritual to scientific, in the search for a cure for degenerative diseases and
diseases of old age that plague humanity, making this stage of life
life is unwanted.
Faiçal Baracat, Honorary President of Instituto Apometria do Amor, to fund these activities, donated all the economic results of
his knowledge for the formation of an Institute, which he called the INSTITUTE
APOMETRIA DO AMOR, which will carry the Project forward.
To maintain this entire structure, an access model was created for this
knowledge and treatments, in the form of an association with the INSTITUTE, that is, the
Anyone who wants to collaborate with our Project can join and take advantage of all
knowledge and activities.

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