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Phases I, II, III and IV

"Module A" where treatments in the Apometry of Love begin (there are 2 modules) of the Reconstruction of the Being Program is composed of Phases I, II, III and IV.

The 4 Phases are composed of 23 Spiritual Treatment Rooms, distributed as follows:
Phase I  = 8 Rooms
Phase II  = 6 rooms
Phase III  = 7 rooms
Phase IV  = 2 Rooms

In this path through the 23 Rooms of the 4 Phases, the individual goes through a journey of rediscovery of himself, stripping himself of beliefs, habits and ills, fully healing himself (the physical body and the six subtle bodies), accelerating the expansion of consciousness, strengthening the connection with the spirituality of light and their acceptance of the spiritual path in contrast to material issues, which contributes to the expansion of sensory perception and spiritual ascension. This is a necessary trajectory to vibrate in other dimensions, harmonize the relationships between their selves and beings with whom they have had conflicting coexistence, change concepts and increase and promote the liberation of the embodied consciousness so that it can vibrate and live in higher dimensions, where it reigns just pure LOVE relationships.

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